Porsche 911 Wheels by Victor Equipment

Yes, Porsche today makes mid-engine skates, large and small SUVs, even a four-door luxury sedan. For Porsche purists, however, there is but one true Porsche: the 911. The 911 has been both drastically improved and left essentially unchanged since it hit U.S. shores in 1965 with a base price of $5,800. It has always been a rear engine, independent rear suspension 2+2, air cooled until the 1998 996 revision. Nearly 900,000 have been built so far.

The 911 has served as the gold standard for over 50 years, the sports car all other sports cars are compared to. Some competitors have been faster, many easier to drive, but none has been cooler. The 911 simply drips panache. And while it has always been a traditionalist’s car, it has been an innovative pioneer; think turbos, transmissions and Targas, to truncate the list.

As horsepower has increased from a mere 130 in the original 911 to nearly 600hp in today’s 911 Turbos, tires and wheels have gotten larger and larger. Victor Equipment Porsche 911 rims range in size from 18x8 front and rear for original 1994 through 1997 911s to as large as 20x8.5 front/20x11 rear for 991 designation 911 C4s models. Victor Equipment Porsche 911 wheels carry a high 1600 lb load rating per wheel, to stand up to the considerable punishment Porsche drivers and engines can dish out. Additionally, all Victor Equipment Porsche 911 wheels allow you to pop in the factory logo center cap, and can use the OE lugs. Porsche tire pressure monitoring systems are supported as well.

Check out the “explore/showroom” tab to view owner submitted photographs of their 911s through the years, fitted with Victor Equipment Porsche 911 wheels.