Porsche Boxster Wheels by Victor Equipment

“Roadster.” The very word conjures the primal exhilaration of driving. Top down. Wind in your face. And, when the roadster is a Boxster, the scream of the revving engine about one foot behind your ears. This is what a sports car is supposed to be.

Could we make the Porsche Boxster even better? That is the challenge we set before ourselves as we created our family of Victor Equipment Porsche Boxster wheels. Did we succeed? We’ll let you be the judge.

We started with a commitment to even higher performance for those Boxster enthusiasts looking to upgrade their ride. Specifically, in each of the Boxster wheel designs we supply a range of sizes to enable a staggered fitment. Staggered fitments involve slightly wider wheels and tires on the rear axle, improving both off the line acceleration and road holding, curve hugging adhesion. For example, a Boxster staggered fitment might include 18x8 wheels up front and 18x10 or 11 on the rear, or 19x8 in front and 19x10 or 11 in back.

Additionally, we engineered Porsche Boxster rims in diameters up to 20 inches, designed to be paired with high performance ultra-low profile tires, improving handling, reducing stopping distances and adding gobs of grip. We submit that this will make a big difference in your Boxster’s performance.