Porsche Panamera Wheels by Victor Equipment

Consider the performance advantages of choosing Porsche Panamera wheels from Victor Equipment. While you are sure to be seduced by the beauty of our wheels, you’ll be able to rationalize your purchase knowing that the right wheels can improve handling, braking and even gas mileage.

A powerful incentive for you to upgrade from the stock wheels on your Panamera to Porsche Panamera rims from Victor Equipment is the opportunity it creates to increase wheels diameter--up to 22 inches—and width—up to 11 inches. That doesn’t just put more rubber on the pavement, it also enables you to fit lower profile tires, which can reduce stopping distance, increase acceleration, improve handling and reduce rolling resistance.

An upsizing strategy we support is stepping up to a staggered fitment. On a Porsche Panamera that means selecting rear wheels and tires up to one and a half inches wider than the wheels on the front axle and perhaps one to two inches larger in diameter. That not only looks especially muscular, it also improves both off the line and lateral acceleration.

Finally, to reduce unsprung weight and gain all the advantages of lighter weight wheels, consider those wheels we designate as “rotary forged.” Rotary forging is a highly advanced manufacturing technique in which the wheel is spun at very high speed and under intense pressure as it is forged. This process alters the molecular structure of the lightweight alloy we use, further reducing its mass while actually strengthening the wheel. Because the greatest weight savings is in the wheel perimeter, it takes less energy to spin it as fast as a traditionally forged wheel.