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How precision engineering makes Victor Equipment wheels the perfect fit for your Porsche.

Since we only make aftermarket wheels for Porsche cars and SUVs at Victor Equipment, our lightweight alloys can be precision engineered to fit precisely the same as OE wheels. That means you can get just the look you want and increase wheel width and/or diameter without any compromise in quality or performance.

Among other things precision engineering entails nailing the appropriate wheel offset down to the exact millimeter, based on model, model year and wheel width. Wheel offset—how far the hub and spokes are displaced outward from the wheel’s vertical center line—is critical to ensuring that wheel and tire, even if you are upsizing several inches, don’t interfere with disc brakes, suspension components or fenders.

Precision engineering results in what we at Victor Equipment refer to as True Fit compatibility. True Fit means all our wheels fit your Porsche perfectly, without spacers, adapters or added hardware. It also means that our wheels are hub centric, with the center bore engineered to fit snugly over the vehicle’s hubs for a smooth, vibration free ride. Matching center bore size to the precise bore dimension of the wheels coming off your Porsche makes it a snap to move the center cap with its distinctive Porsche logo over to your new wheels. The factory tire pressure monitoring system and lug bolts can be retained, as well.

Our commitment to precision extends to our manufacturing processes, too, and is reflected in the jewel-like perfection of both fit and finish.