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Why we make wheels for Porsches and only Porsches.

We do one thing. And do it very, very well. That’s been our formula for success at Victor Equipment, and we’re sticking to it. We engineer and manufacture wheels solely for Porsches. And we’ll stack up our wheels against anyone, even the Porsche factory.

We’ve taken this approach because, from the outset, we felt it was necessary to master Porsche’s many idiosyncrasies. There very definitely is a “Porsche way” that spans their entire vehicle lineup and that reflects a fundamentally unique philosophy regarding the right way to build an automobile. It’s even true of their approach to wheels.

Take, for example, Porsche’s sui generis large bolt pattern, 5x130, large enough to accommodate a center bore of 71.5mm. Victor Equipment wheels match that center bore so that our wheels fit snugly over the hub; we call that a hub-centric fitment. It’s a concept that ensures a smooth, vibration-free ride and is a feature of every wheel we make.

Porsches have always had outsized disc brakes, a component of their commitment to performance. Accordingly, those big brakes require a specific amount of caliper clearance in relation to the backside of the wheel spoke curve. All Victor Equipment wheels are engineered with the precise offset required for various years and models of Porsche, dependent on wheel width.

Concentrating on Porsches over the years has refined our sense of design. We believe each of the six very different designs we offer today complement and enhance the Porsche “look” and that our chrome, silver, matte black and gloss black finishes are perfectly in keeping with the spirit of Porsche.