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July 21, 2014

Victor Equipment, Maker of Porsche Aftermarket Wheels, Launches New, Friendlier Website

Widest, largest inventory of custom wheels exclusively for Porsches can now be viewed, compared, test fitted and ordered online.

Huntington Beach, CA (PRWEB) July 21, 2014

Victor Equipment, industry leading pioneer in aftermarket wheel upgrades for Porsche sports cars, luxury sedans and SUVs, has launched an entirely new website to better serve prospective customers and certified dealers. The new site, at //, features improved navigation, more detailed wheel descriptions, an advanced tool to test fit each wheel on each year, model and color Porsche, videos, customer photo uploads and an enhanced dealer support section.

“As it has for a myriad industries, the web has fundamentally changed the custom wheel marketplace,” observed Terence Scheckter, president of Victor Equipment Wheels. “Just as we strive to always be at the forefront of Porsche wheel design and manufacturing, we are committed to maintaining the most full-featured website to make it easy for our customers to shop for wheels,” Scheckter added.

The Victor Equipment website is structured to enable prospective customers to experience the full lineup of Porsche 911 wheels, Porsche Boxster wheels,Porsche Cayman wheels, Porsche Cayenne wheels, and Porsche Panamera wheels in a variety of ways. Browsers can search for Porsche Rims by style, size, finish, design, construction or by Porsche model.

Each of the six Victor Equipment wheel designs is presented unmounted in large, downloadable “beauty shot” photos in each available finish, including chrome, silver, matte black and gloss black with different distinctive detailing. Shoppers can see how each variation will look on a virtual doppelganger of their Porsche using the Wheel Configurator tool. It allows users to summon an image of their year, model and color Porsche, select 18, 19, 20 or 22-inch diameter wheels, as available, and test fit each Victor Equipment wheel and finish.

Updated sections on the website, found under the “Explore Victor” tab, discuss company philosophy and technology, address FAQs and, in the “Press” section, explore a wide range of topics of interest to Porschephiles. Image downloads include hi-res JPEGs of each Victor Equipment wheel and each Porsche model equipped with Victor Equipment wheels. Of special note is the Customer Gallery with numerous photos customers have uploaded of their Porsches with a fresh set of Victor equipment wheels.

Victor Equipment employs multiple manufacturing methods to achieve their design and performance objectives and the improved website enables users to search for aftermarket Porsche wheels using each of these construction approaches. The Victor Kronen, Le Mans, Turismo and Zehn models are traditional cast wheels, in which a molten aluminum alloy is poured into an intricate clamshell mold. Casting is a system that provides ultimate design flexibility, essential to achieving the cutting edge looks for which Victor Equipment is widely known.

The Kronen is a distinctive and aggressive split five-spoke design meant to both complement and challenge the traditional Porsche design canon. The Le Mans is an exercise in elegant precision, purely Porsche in a clean, uncluttered way. The ten paired-spokes are reminiscent of a piano tuner’s tuning forks. The Turismo is a five-spoke look evocative of the original 911 Fuchs wheels. The Zehn is a minimalist, confident, contemporary look with ten slender spokes.

The Baden and Innsbruck designs are manufactured using an exotic process called rotary forging. The goal is to minimize wheel weight while actually increasing its strength and durability. The Baden and Innsbruck are forged from a unique aluminum alloy, which is spun at high speed under intense pressure as the wheel is formed. This fundamentally alters the molecular properties of the alloy, creating a much tighter grain structure than found in a cast wheel. The resulting mechanical strength allows Victor Equipment engineers to reduce the thickness of the outer barrel, achieving weight saving that accrues to the outer-most circumference of the rim. That means rotational mass is dramatically reduced, boosting performance across the board. The Baden is a spare, elegant five-spoke model inspired by the timeless tradition of German Bauhaus school of design. The Innsbruck is an intricate latticework design featuring eight paired spokes radiating from a center hub.

Each of these six wheel designs is available as Porsche 911 Rims, Porsche Boxster rims, Porsche Cayman rims, Porsche Cayenne rims and Porsche Panamera rims and are available in multiple finishes. They accept the OE Porsche crest center cap, OE lugs and factory tire pressure-monitoring system. All are hub centric, meaning the center bore has been milled to fit precisely and snugly over the vehicle hub, for a vibration-free ride and the optimum wheel/vehicle interface.

Certified Victor Equipment dealers can use the new website’s Dealer Center to explore the company’s Huntington Beach, California warehouse inventory and even order these aftermarket Porsche rims online. Orders received by 4pm ET are shipped the same day. For consumers, the site includes a zip code dealer locator for the United States, 888-766-7775 for additional help finding a dealer and a tool to research dealers in dozens of other countries. Victor Equipment dealers, located across the United States and around the world, are wheel and tire experts with special expertise in Porsche fitments. They are the ultimate arbiters in fitting wheels, particularly for Porsches that have been modified in any way.