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August 26, 2014

How to choose the right dealer for aftermarket Porsche wheels.

Huntington Beach, CA (PRWEB) August 26, 2014

A big part of updating your Porsche car or SUV to lightweight aftermarket wheels is choosing the right dealer. That starts, of course, with finding a dealer that carries the brand of wheels you want. While we could give you fifty solid reasons why that brand should be Victor Equipment, we’ll simply direct you to our website at www.victorequipment and let you make that decision yourself.

Should you fall in love with one of our groundbreaking designs and innovative finishes, and start dreaming of what your Porsche will look like with wider and/or larger diameter wheels, we make it easy to find a dealer who can make those dreams come true. There’s a zip code dealer locator on our site. Or you can dial us at 1-800-479-9723.

Victor Equipment dealers have the critical expertise of being able to direct you to the tire and wheel combination that will safely and comfortably fit your year and model Porsche, especially if you have any modifications. We provide them copious support in that regard with our online Fitment Guide. We also enable them to check warehouse inventory online or with our Smartphone app, and we ship orders received by 4pm ET the same day.

Ask your Victor Equipment dealers to transfer your Porsche crest center caps, factory lugs and tire pressure monitoring system modules to your new wheels. Then, when your new wheels are mounted on your Porsche, don’t be surprised if the dealer asks if they can snap a foto to upload to our online gallery..