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August 26, 2014

To that long list of Porsche Cayman options, add upsized, lightweight wheels from Victor Equipment.

Huntington Beach, CA (PRWEB) August 26, 2014

You could spend under $60,000 on a new Porsche Cayman. Or you could spend over $90,000, depending on how deeply you delve into the options catalog. Why not make your mid-engine wundercar that much more special with one of the 14 different design and finish combinations from Victor Equipment?

Newest Cayman bodies are 44% aluminum, which tells you something about how Porsche engineers feel about the tradeoff between weight and performance. In that vein, lightweight alloy wheels from Victor Equipment are the ne plus ultra for your new Cayman. The Cayman is all grown up and nicely filled out, with wide haunches, riotous flat six engines, massive disc brakes, vivid steering and breathtaking handling. Stock wheels, alas, are just 18 inches in diameter.

Victor Equipment gives you abundant sizing options, both in width and diameter, all engineered with the precise caliper clearances for those big brakes in relation to the backside of the wheel spoke curve.

Sure, we offer 18x8 wheels front and rear, but we also enable you to step up to 18x11 wheels on the rear axle, for tires a full foot wide. But that’s just the beginning. You have the same options in 19-inch diameter, with 8-inch wide wheels front and rear or 11 inch wide in back. Why not go huge, though, with 20 inch wheels mounted with ultra low profile tires, with either 8.5-inch widths front and rear, or 11 inchers on the rear axle? Wider wheels and tires in the rear, referred to as a staggered fitment, is a concept pioneered by Porsche for 911s. And it’s concept that can add gobs of road-holding performance to Caymans as well.