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July 21, 2014

What makes rotary forged wheels a smart choice for your Porsche?

Huntington Beach, CA (PRWEB) July 21, 2014

Most aftermarket wheels for Porsche cars and SUVs are made from an aluminum alloy. Most are cast. Many are forged. An elite few are manufactured using an esoteric process called rotary forging.

At Victor Equipment, we specialize solely in engineering and manufacturing wheels for Porsches, which we consider to be the most exciting vehicles on the planet. We make lightweight cast wheels and even lighter forged wheels and even a two-piece wheel with a cast spoke system mated to a forged outer barrel. And we make more than one ultra light model using rotary forging.

As rotary forged wheels are forged, or shaped, from the raw alloy, they are subjected to intense pressures while being spun at high speed. The centrifugal forces created in this process actually alter the molecular properties of the aluminum alloy, creating greater strength at the perimeter of the wheel. Greater strength allows our engineers to reduce mass without compromising durability. Reduced mass = less weight = higher performance. The lighter your wheels the fewer horsepower required to accelerate them.

Our classic six-spoke Baden wheel is rotary forged and is available finished in silver with a mirror cut face, or in matte black. Sizes range from 18 to 22 inch diameters and from 8 to 11 inch widths. Its lighter weight enables you to increase wheel width and/or diameter without a weight penalty. The same is true for our Innsbruck rotary forged wheel, also available finished in silver with a mirror cut face, or in matte black and in the same size ranges. It features a killer design of eight pairs of spokes for a clean, open look.

Smart wheels. And smart looking.