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August 26, 2014

Do two-piece wheels belong on your Porsche?

Huntington Beach, CA (PRWEB) August 26, 2014

Exactly what is a two-piece wheel? What are the “pieces?” And are such wheels a smart upgrade to your original Porsche factory wheels?

Two-piece wheels have been around for decades, pioneered originally in Germany for German cars. A two-piece wheel includes a) the hub and spokes system and b) the outer barrel on which the tire is mounted. Two-piece architecture enables different manufacturing methodologies to be employed and even different metals for the two pieces. The challenge, however, is joining the two pieces, which, at least originally, required a whole lot of aircraft grade fasteners.

Victor Equipment has achieved a real breakthrough on that front. While we make both one-piece and two-piece wheels, our two-piece wheels are quite remarkable. Take, for example, our Kronen model Porsche wheel. It combines two different manufacturing approaches to create a wheel that delivers the best of both worlds. Forged wheels are the lightweight champs; cast wheels provide the widest palette for visual innovation. With the Kronen, a durable, lightweight forged outer barrel is mated with the stunning looks of a cast and machined spoke and hub system. This is made possible by the application of an advanced, high temperature process called “fusion welding.” Fusion welding creates a seamless 360-degree bond that is durable, lightweight and non intrusive, and doesn’t require fasteners of any sort.

Just as important, the Kronen is engineered specifically for Porsches and fit each model and year vehicle precisely they way OE wheels fit. It is a wheel that definitely belongs on your Porsche.