Wheel Technology

Technology is at the heart of everything we do at Victor Equipment, from the sophistication of the CAD equipment we use to design our wheels, to our adherence to German engineering standards, to the metallurgical advances in the alloys we use to the development of manufacturing processes that unfetter our creativity and produce stronger, lighter wheels.

Wheel technology starts with ensuring a perfect fit, precisely as the Porsche factory intended. As producers of aftermarket Porsche wheels exclusively, we’ve spent years mastering the tight tolerances, required offsets and necessary dimensions that give our customers the freedom to consider upsizing wheel diameter and width without concerns about a compatible fit. That’s what the Fitment Guide on this website is all about.

Victor Equipment wheels are so intrinsically Porsche like that the vaunted Porsche crest center caps can be popped out of your factory wheels and simply snapped into your new Victor Equipment wheels. The Porsche Tire Pressure Monitoring System is fully supported and OE lugs can be redeployed with your new wheels.

It makes no sense to replace your original Porsche wheels with lesser wheels. It makes no sense to replace your original wheels with anything but Victor Equipment wheels.

Wheel Terminology Explained

Wheel Engineering DesignWheel Engineering Design
Wheel Final DesignWheel Final Design